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Weekly News-Jude Bradley and Cliodhna Boylan

24 Sep 2018

24th September 2018


News Reporters:

Cliodhna Boylan and Jude Bradley


Primary 1

Eva was at her uncle Ciaran’s wedding on Thursday.

Mary Kate’s daddy cycled from Cork to Donegal.

Eimear has a new cousin, Neela.

Ella’s daddy knocked down the wall and ruined the garden.

Miss Toal is helping Primary 1 for a few days and Miss Toal reached the Junior final on Thursday.


Primary 2

Aoife’s grandad’s dog, Agnes had surgery last week.

Annie is going to Portugal.

Eamon went to Legoland during the summer holidays on an aeroplane.

Fiachra is getting his house painted different shades of grey.


Primary 3

Emma went to Coleraine swimming pool.

On Saturday Aobhinn went to Kevin’s 21st birthday party.

Josie O’Connell went to learn tin whistle in Ballerin.

Michael went to a swimming pool and learned how to swim.

Rory went to America during the summer holidays.

Nellie Rose’s brother’s cat is having a kitten.

Alfie is going to a tractor place on Saturday.

Jacob has been to Liverpool and Spain over the summer holidays.

Finian played with his brother today.

Ellie-Mae got her face painted last Saturday.


Primary 4

Maggie’s auntie is going to have a baby.

Ruairi Og’s goldfish died.

Niall went to the lake in Kilrea.

Michael was farming on Saturday.


Primary 5

Clodagh has a pony and it got out of her field and ran down her lane. Clodagh tried to find Spotty and after some searching around the area in their jeep they eventually found her.

Oisin’s auntie had a baby called Fiona.

Caitlin’s brother moved to Derry.

Thomas went to the Glenullin blitz and lost at the semi-finals.

Amy’s cat was bitten by a dog and had to get stitches.

James’ aunt had a baby called Ava.

Tiernan’s cousin had a baby called Paraic.

Orlaith’s neighbours’ dog is having puppies.


Primary 6

Brona and Sophie are going to compete in The Ulsters in Irish Dancing.

Bronagh Hasson’s big sister got a house over in England.


Primary 7

Dubhla’s auntie had a baby on Tuesday night.

Cathair’s cousins trampoline flew into their neighbours’ backyard and almost hit their glass conservatory.

Conall’s brother is working for BMW.

Kate received a distinction in her speech and drama exam and she also got a new Killarney whistle.

Daniel Mc got a guitar.

Courtney’s goat ‘Snowy’ who featured in our Road Safety Rap last year died.

Danny is going to Knock.




Tooth Fairy

Primary 1

Cara McNicholl 25th



Lots of wobbly teeth!

Primary 2

Aoife McCamphill 4th

Johnny O’Kane 15th

Annie McGoldrick 30th

Kyle Moran 30th


Lots of wobbly teeth!

Primary 3

Jacob McIlvar 15th

Aoibhin Close

Emma Boylan

Senan O’Kane

Primary 4

Niamh O’Connell 23rd

Aidan McIlvar 29th


Primary 5

Orlaith McKenna 5th

Oisin Smyth 7th

Dan McEldowney 15th

Colleen Mullan 29th

Anna McNicholl

Primary 6

Molly Hawthorne 20th


Primary 7

Courtney Dempsey 23rd

Annie Leadon



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