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Jolly Phonics



The school uses the Jolly Phonics programme as its approach to teaching phonics in the Foundation Stage (P1 and P2).

Children need to know the letter sounds to learn to read and spell.


Every year we hold a Jolly Phonics information evening for the parents of our P1 and P2 pupils. This session contains important information for parents as we explain what your child is learning at school in terms of reading and writing and how parents can support this learning at home.


We have received positive feedback from parents who have attended our Jolly Phonics information evening. Please find attached a copy of the presentation in the 'Related Downloads' section at the bottom of this page.



This Jolly Phonics page is designed to provide parents with as much information and support as possible. The links and video clips are very useful and we strongly recommend that you use this page at home with your child. 


Correct pronunciation of the sounds

Please watch and listen to the video link below to hear the correct way to say the sounds. Please note that some of the sounds in this video are not taught in our Jolly Phonics programme (ge, air).

Jolly Jingles-songs

For each sound taught in Primary One there is a story, song and action to help your child learn the sound more easily. Encourage your child to join in with these songs at home too.





Writing in P1 and P2- Correct Letter Formation



 Please Note- the letter f in this presentation is slightly different from the way we teach it. Our letter f has a tail flick to the left.  






More Information about Jolly Phonics:

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