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Weekly News-Danny McGoldrick and Daniel McIlvar

5 Nov 2018

5thNovember 2018

Welcome to Danny McGoldrick and Daniel McIlvar’s news


Primary 1

Mark fell off his bike and hit his knee on the ground. [ouch]

Ella’s mum went on holidays to Spain.

Caolan saw fireworks on the 30th of October.


Primary 2                                                                                   Last Friday Aoife’s nanny’s dog had five puppies.

Paudi’s friend came over to play.

Annie Mc went to see Disney on Ice in Belfast.

Cathair went to Tyrone to see fireworks.


Primary 3

Senan’s mummy is getting a new baby.

Nellie Rose played with sparkles.

It was Ellie Mae’s godmother’s birthday.


Primary 4

Rory went to a bonfire on Saturday.

It was Henry’s brother’s birthday.

Maggie had a bonfire at her house.

Micheal went building and farming

Neave went to the cinema.

Peter nearly cut his finger.




Primary 5

Anna made short bread with her cousin.

Orlaith is getting sliding wardrobes tomorrow.

Tadhg’s auntie had a baby girl.

Aimee got a kitten for her birthday.


Primary 6

Sophie went to the Ulster’s on Thursday and got two firsts and one second in Irish Dancing. Well done!

Aoife’s daddy went to Germany and he got to go in a car that went 155mph! Wow, that’s really fast!



Primary 7

Kate, Molly, Dubhla, Annie are taking part in the instrumental group for Scor n

Courtney has a rugby tournament this Saturday.

Danny went to see ‘The hate you give’ in the cinema.

John Joe’s brother is going to Spain.

Ruairi’s cats are getting a new bed.

Emma is getting a new game called ‘Sister Location’.





Tooth Fairy

Primary 1



Primary 2

Annie 9/11/18


Primary 3



Primary 4



Primary 5




Primary 6

Niamh 5/11/18


Primary 7






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