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School news of the week for the week beginning 28th November 2016

30 Nov 2016

School News


Blue table

Aoife’s baby sister Clodagh cried all night.

Caitlin, Aoife, Alfie and Barry, Senan, Jacob and Nellie-Rose put up their Christmas tree.

Grace was sick twice on Monday night.

Purple table

Nellie-Rose is going to Jungle NI to see the real Santa Claus.

Oisin’s brother is 1 on the 30th November.

Red table

Josie helped her daddy tidy up the garage and Mrs McGill gave her a Silver Star sticker.

Emma helped her daddy pick the pudding at the cafe.

Green table

Jacob and Rory are going to be president when they are older.

Michael got his hair cut and he is so handsome!!

Josie’s daddy fixed Mrs Culleton’s car


Pupil of the week is…… John.

Ducky got sent home with……Jacob.

And finally Table of the week is……Blue table.



Ruairí got a green machine (AWESOME).

Casey’s mum has to go to hospital to get an operation.

Aidan has new shoes and they are sooooo cool!!

Kara is putting her decorations up.

Ruairí Óg’s uncle’s birthday is on Friday.

Cassie’s mum and dad went to Liverpool and got a glittery bag for her (you will shine bright like a diamond now Cassie)

Henry and Niall got kittens.

         Aoibh’s granny is in hospital.                     

Pupil of the week is Cian.

Math Champion is Henry.



Annie and her brother Cian are moving school after Christmas! (We’ll all miss you Annie and Cian AWWWWW)

Colleen went to two Christenings on Saturday.

P.3 made a video of how to make a jam sandwich (YUM YUM AND WELL DONE!).

Jack had to go to the dentist (ouch)

Pupil of the week is Tadhg.

Mental Maths king is Hayden (well done guys!!)



P4 have a new teacher called Mrs Young – welcome to our school!

Hugh’s cousins are coming back from Australia for Christmas.

Rosie’s sister’s birthday is on Friday.

Aoife’s cousin came home from Scotland and so did Patrick’s.

Katie-Marie’s birthday was on the 29th November.



Miss McCloskey had a baby boy called Fionn- congratulations!!!

Pupil of the week is……Conor.

Mental Maths Queen is……Cliodhna.

Courtney’s baby cousin was 2 on 27th November.

Annie’s aunties are going to Australia.



P.6’s assembly is on the 2nd of December.

Emma’s cousin went to Bristol.

Pupil of the week is……Connie.

Mathematician of the week is……Charlie O.




Conor McIlvar got his haircut.

Its Matthew S is turning 11 on Thursday 1st of December.

Sarah’s daddy went to England.

Keira is going to her cousin’s school for a craft fair.

Mary-Kate alter served at her aunties wedding.

Pupil of the week is……Fionn.

Thank you for listening to the p7’s school news by Aislinn and Caitlin - good bye!!!!!!!


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