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22 Jan 2018

St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s Weekly News

News reporters: Joe Mc Nicholl and Annie Heaney



Mrs Culleton went to England to visit her auntie Josie.

Primary one had great fun playing in the snow. Everyone built a snowman at their house and Johnny’s snowman’s head fell off.

Primary One had a very special visitor this week. Cinderella came to see the boys and girls to tell them about the pantomime. We can’t wait to see it!


Colleen’s baby cousin burnt his hand on their iron    .

Jack fell on his hill while on a sleigh.

Oisin fell off his sleigh head first.

Thomas’ brother wanted to drive his quad in the snow.

Clodagh is going to build a stable for her pet pony.



Aoife found out she was going to Gran Canaria.

Daniel’s guitar teacher is going to get a new dog.

Rosie’s auntie has had a new baby boy.

Mary-Claire has a new baby cousin.






Annie’s mammy’s wing mirror broke off her car.

John Joe’s brother got a motocross bike.

Emma’s dog Skyler is 15 weeks old.

P.6 girls made a snowmen family.





Eimear got a puppy called Bambi.

Some of the P7s made a snowman.

Stephen is playing Rugby in Derry.



It is Patrick Og’s birthday on Wednesday 24th

Dominic is five this week. He had a party at Alley Cats and all of the boys and girls in P.1 were invited.



Johnny O Kane, Eamon McNicholl and Amelia Brolly in Primary 1 have wobbly teeth.

Jamie in P6 has a wobbly tooth.

Courtney in P6 has a wobbly tooth.

Cloadagh’s daddy pulled out her wobbly tooth.

Eddie in P7 got £1 from the tooth fairy.



Courtney got £2 from the tooth fairy.                           

Molly got £2 from the tooth fairy.

Bronagh got £2.50 from the tooth fairy



Ellie-May got the mental maths trophy in Primary


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