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Grammar for the Month

5 Oct 2017

Grammar for the month                  ‘Could have / Could of’


Could have

Would have

Should have

Might have

Could of

Would of

Should of

Might of






I could have done my homework, because I had the time

I would have done my homework and learnt how to make words rhyme

I should have done my homework and been real good therefore

I might have got a star for learning more and more.

‘Seen and Saw’

Saw is the past tense form of ‘see’.  Saw can be used by itself, without a helping verb.

You saw me.  I saw that film. 

Seen is the past participle form of ‘see’.  Seen requires a helper verb, such as ‘have’.

I have seen that film. A fox was seen in the park yesterday. 

It is never correct to use ‘seen’ without a helper verb.

I seen you. – Incorrect X


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